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About US

NextBI LTD Company was founded in 2014 and its main business profiles are as follows:

  1. Development of software solution for automation of economic security departments in Russian companies of different levels that allows decreasing a probability of operations and reputation risks and enables identifying and preventing new risks.
  2. Distribution of software and hardware-software solutions that improve efficiency of everyday work of economic security services (information, physical, personnel security).
  3. Consulting service in the sphere of economic security.

The name of the company - “NextBI”, which is generated from the English contraction “Next Business Intelligent” – determines the company growth direction: development of a new level business analytics.

NextBI Company’s mission is to provide its customers with effective modern technologies for protection of their business from internal and external threats.

NextBI Company is always open to business cooperation with leading producers of software and hardware-software solutions in the field of economic security. Long-term relations with business partners let us adapting and localizing products at the Russian market and getting necessary permissions of government regulating authorities to gain an access to the target market segments.

NextBI experts have an actual longstanding experience of working in the area of economic security and are always ready to help our partners and customers with their assigned tasks.

Contact information:
Tel. +7 495 258 8022